Friday, 28 August 2009

Driving and trading

Someone posted a comment regarding relaxation time on a racetrack which is quite appropriate for a couple of reasons. Firstly, track driving is one of my favourite extra curricula activities and secondly it's got many things in common with trading. You need to focus, concentrate, plan ahead, guess what corner is coming up next, and have lightning reactions to the feedback you get from the car. Also, to be quite honest there have been a couple of occasions when I've described my days trading pnl as being 'like a f*cking car crash'.

Here's a video clip of me doing an ~8:58 lap (bridge to gantry) at the Nurburgring. (the ultimate test of driving skill and nerve). I liken this lap to an intense trading session when I come out the other side with great pnl but sweaty palms having narrowly escaped blowing my entire bank. (probably should have started braking a tad earlier at Wehrseifen, ~4:50 into the video!)

BTW, that's a full minute faster than Clarkson managed in his diesel Jag, in a 180hp hatchback. :) And speaking of TopGear, remember that episode when Clarkson went for a ride in that BMW 330 that drove itself? ... wouldn't it be interesting to see that go round 'The Ring'!

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