Sunday, 16 August 2009


Hi, Welcome to my blog! I don't have any readers yet, which that's not suprising since I haven't written anything for anyone to read.

Basically the story is I have this crystal ball which allows me to predict price movements in betting markets. More specifically horse racing markets on betting exchanges. It allows me to trade and make vast sums of money which I feel the need to now boast about on this blog. It's not a perfect crystal ball though and sometimes it makes mistakes, usually when I'm not feeling confident or focused enough. It's hard to explain but that's going to be one of the aims of this blog.

Also this may not in fact be true and I'll not be providing any compelling evidence to support these claims so don't bother asking me to do this. I'll just waffle and spout rubbish if you do. However for those taken in and who feel they deserve a part of the action don't despair because I think I'll setup a service some time in the future and sell the wisdom of the crystal ball. Wouldn't that be amazing!

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