Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Remember, it's trading NOT gambling!

That's the great thing about betting exchanges right? No longer do you have to wait for the race to actually occur to find out the result of a bet placed. Instead you can simply bet on where the odds will move to at some point in the future. Forget having to consider things like form, jockeys, trainers, going, weather, draws etc. like a sad old gambling addict but more fancy sounding stuff like weight of money, over-round, price bands, specific market tendencies (actually I just made that one up).

You can convince yourself (if not others) that what you're doing is morally and intellectually superior to what gamblers do. After all 'trading' is what those city boys do and they're all really clever, drive about in Ferraris or Astons, generate huge wealth and everyone loves them right! (mmm, ok ... pretend it's still 2005 or something).

Yes, it's definitely trading and not gambling and that makes it alright to pursue as a 'career'. Come on , seriously, who wouldn't want to make a nice living from guessing and clicking a mouse button occasionally?? And remember you can improve you guessing skills through focus, concentration, awareness and generally getting into the zone, man. Oh and having a crystal ball helps too which thankfully I do. :)

With regard to today's trading activities ... due to last nights visit to the Taj Balti I'm expecting significantly increased liquidity and having studied the markets will be keeping a close eye out for a steaming Stinker in the 20:10 at Worcester.

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